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Liquid Cooled Service

Moriarty Electric Company is committed to providing customers with unsurpassed product support. We are factory trained and certified to work on Generac products, even if you didn’t purchase from us. Scheduled maintenance will ensure the full coverage of your generator warranty.  It will also ensure safe and reliable generator performance.  Maintenance requirements vary by size and model of the unit, how often it is used, and duration of the operation.  We stay current on the latest product innovations regarding the maintenance and repair of both stationary and portable generators and will use only factory-authorized parts in our first rate service. Contact us with any product maintenance, repair, or warranty questions you may have.

Items checked or replaced in the liquid cooled service:

Oil Sump Heater

Battery Heater

Engine Accessory Drive Belts


Connections for Coolant/Oil/Fuel

Record Hour Meter

Automatic Yearly reminder postcards/emails

Engine Oil and filter

Air Filter

Spark Plugs/Ignition Wires

Re-Calibrate Flywheel MPU

Air Inlets/Outlets

Vacuum/Clean Interior/Exterior/Around Enclosure

Run Diagnostics

Battery Electrolyte Level

Clean/Tighten Battery Terminals and Apply Dielectric Grease

Battery Charging System

Gas Pressure Not Running/Running with and without load

Wiring Connections on Circuit Breaker/Control

Test Auto Transfer/Return Back to Utility Power with Simulated Power Outage

External Radiator Core

Block Heater